How to Identify Asbestos in Properties in NYC and NYS

Regulatory Requirements

According to NYC rule Title 15 and NYS DOL Part 56 of Title 12 [12 NYCRR Part 56] A thorough inspection for and identification of all PACM, suspect ACM, or asbestos material throughout the building/structure or portion thereof to be demolished, renovated, remodeled, or repaired.

Based on this requirement, it is imperative that prior to renovation, remodel or demolition an inspection should be conducted of all building material known as PACB in the property structure.

Professional Services

The owner shall engage the service of qualified NYS Inspector and NYC Investigator in case of the City of New York to performs the limited tasks involved in the asbestos survey, identification and assessment of the condition of asbestos and asbestos material and the recording and reporting thereof, or who is involved in the collection of bulk samples of asbestos material or suspected asbestos material for laboratory analysis shall possess a valid inspector certificate and shall have such certificate or a copy thereof in his or her possession at all times while working on the project, except as otherwise indicated in Subdivision (b) and (c) of this Section.

A person who possesses an inspector certificate shall be responsible for the proper execution of his duties as they relate to an asbestos project.

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